When Shopping for Mom, Are You a Planner or Procrastinator?

Posted by Annisa Farese

May 9, 2013 9:00:00 AM

Mother's Day Mobile Shoppers - Planners or Procrastinators?If reading this has just reminded you of the significance of this weekend... you're definitely a procrastinator.

(Pssst. It's Mother's Day!)

But never fear! You're not alone. The advent of mobile shopping has revealed a consumer base that is ready, willing and able to buy at the very last minute. Whether it's flowers, cupcakes, or Victoria's Secret, brands and businesses looking to take reach and engage Mother's Day shoppers may be best served by focusing greater attention on the small window of opportunity opened by the holiday's procrastinators.

Not convinced mobile is the place to reach them?

With so many devices in our arsenal these days, purchases are made via smartphone, on PC, and even in-person - but mobile's role in the research and decision making process is significant. A soon to be released xAd/Nielsen study found that 1/3 of all retail activity comes from mobile devices. ONE-THIRD!


to download the infograph and learn more about how you can reach Mother's Day Shoppers



















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